Intensive Care Unit

A six-bed unit with special care provided to patients of all age groups within a critical care setting. The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is staffed with a core staff of 2 RN’s, with RN float staff and LPN staff cross trained to assist when additional staff are necessary. The Intensive Care unit was recently renovated. All patient rooms are private and surround a central nurses station. Computerized documentation, Pyxis medication system and PAC’s filmless radiology are among some of the advanced technological systems available.

The Intensive Care Unit is located on the Hospitals second floor. A special waiting are for visitors of ICU patients is close by. The Hospital Chapel and Family Consultation Room are located within close proximity to the ICU as well.

Visiting hours are from11:00am through 8:30pm. Visiting hours are open to members of the immediate family and limited to two visitors at any one time. A phone in the waiting room is provided to call before entering ICU.

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Please contact:

Jeanette Tuttle, RN
Nurse Manager
Intensive Care Unit
483-3000 ext. 412