3D Mammography Now Available at Alice Hyde

The University of Vermont Health Network – Alice Hyde Medical Center is now offering 3D Mammography thanks to its new Three-Dimensional Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Unit.

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis, or 3D Mammography, is one of the latest technological innovations in women’s healthcare.  It enables images of the whole breast to be taken in slices, helping the doctor see in between the breast tissues to search for possible abnormalities.  The 3D technology helps to see behind normal breast tissue, where cancer could remain hidden in 2D images, and between overlapping breast tissues to see more clearly through the breast. While all patients can benefit from the use of 3D mammography, women with dense breasts will see significant benefits.

Dense breast tissue can hide cancer on two-dimensional mammography, resulting in delayed diagnosis and worse outcomes.  Women with dense breasts often require supplemental screenings, such as ultrasound procedures, or breast MRI procedures.  These additional screenings are not only time consuming and expensive, they also leave the patient with a greater sense of uncertainty and stress throughout the extended process.  3D mammography increases cancer detection across all breast densities. It also reduces false-positive recalls because areas of overlapping normal tissue are easily recognized.

“This is a huge benefit to the women in this community,” said Dr. Mordi Rehany, Radiologist at UVM Health Network – Alice Hyde Medical Center.  “They can now get the latest in mammogram technology without having to travel to another hospital.”  The generous community played an important role in bringing this technology to Alice Hyde, raising nearly $72,000 to aid in the purchase of this new technology. “The outpouring of generosity has been incredible,” said Doug DiVello, President and CEO. “It is evident how much this new technology means to this community.”  If it is time for your mammogram, consult with your physician to schedule your 3D Mammogram at Alice Hyde today.  

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