Clermont Scholarship Awarded

The Alice Hyde Medical Center Auxiliary recently awarded the William Clermont Scholarship to Josy Delaney. This is a $500 scholarship in memory of Mr. Clermont who was the hospital Administrator from 1957-1974. Under his guidance and direction, several major additions and enhancements were made to the original hospital including the creation of the Alice Hyde Nursing Home.  His outstanding leadership and contributions to the advancement of health care is continued with his scholarship for Medical Center employees.

Josy Delaney, Community Wellness Specialist, has been employed at Alice Hyde Medical Center since January, 2005. She will be completing the Certificate of Graduate Studies in Public Health program, SUNY Albany, in December.

Please contact the Communications/Philanthropy Department at 518.481.2248 to make a contribution to the William Clermont Scholarship.

Pictured from left, Josy Delaney, Community Wellness Specialist; Linda Sprague, AHMC Auxiliary Scholarship Chairperson.

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