Dental Center Now Offering Invisalign

Alice Hyde Medical Center (AHMC) is pleased to announce that its Dental Center is now offering Invisalign.
The Dental Center is offering a dental treatment called Invisalign, a modern technique for straightening and realigning teeth. This is done with a virtually invisible and comfortable plastic tray that is worn over the patient’s teeth.  These custom made aligners can correct a variety of mal-alignments including but not limited to crowding and spacing of the teeth.
There are advantages of using Invisalign when compared to traditional braces—one is able to brush and floss their teeth normally because the aligners can be removed at any time.
This treatment is offered by Nicola Henry, DDS, an Invisalign certified dentist. A free consultation is available to evaluate an individual’s teeth to determine the best course of treatment for the correction of their teeth.
Patients can contact their insurance providers to check what coverage is available for dental procedures.
Please call the Alice Hyde Dental Center at 518.481.2347 for a free consultation or for more information.
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